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How to Grow the Size of Your Manhood

It is one of the most essential organs in human beings essential for reproduction and pleasure. Their sizes and shapes do vary from one man to another mainly due to biological reasons including genetics. The average length of an erect penile is 15 cms and a girth of about 11 cms. There are men who are well endowed below the belt in-terms of girth and length while other have micro-penis which may be smaller than 7.6 cms. Several researches have found that size matters a lot in-terms of confidence to man and pleasuring women in bed. This impact negatively on the sexual lives of men with small penile organs.

The good news to such men is that the advancement in the fields of medicine and surgery has brought with it proven solutions to this nagging and embarrassing problem.

Here are the proven ways through which a man can increase the size of his organ.

Jelqing Exercises

Exercising the organ enhances the circulation of blood. Blood is the body fluid which is involved in the transportation of oxygen and removal of toxic wastes. Blood also is fills the spaces of sponge like tissue of penis during erection.

Exercising the penis involve use of warm water and a towel to massage the penis and surrounding areas so as to enhance blood circulation. Dip a clean towel in warm water and hold it around the organ while massaging it from the root to the end. This should be done for about 15 minutes every day for positive results. The exercise increases the girth and length of the penis.

Weight Reduction Exercises

Penis looks smaller in men who are overweight or obese due to the accumulation of fat in the pubic region. Regular exercises causes the utilization and burning of such fats thus making your penis look thicker and bigger.

Hormonal Therapy

Pills dilate the blood vessels and spongy tissues which make the penis. This dilation enhances volume and blood flow during erection. There are also those which promote the release of testosterone hormone which promotes the sexual life in males. It is advisable that you get the pills from the approved and medically proven sources because there are many unapproved toxic brands in the market.

Use of Magnetic and Electrical Devices

Magnetic rings such as peelop increase the supply of blood which carries oxygen and essential nutrients to the penis. Blood contains iron which is a metal and these magnetic devices attract iron.

Cosmetic Surgery

There are surgeons (urologists) who specialize in the modification of sexual organs including adjusting sizes of penises. It is however an expensive and risky method of adjusting the size of the penis and therefore not very common. This is because penises do have a lot of nerves which are involved in sensitivity and their damage leads to loss of sensitivity.