Hoak Media Brings You Some Easy Ways to Ejaculate More

If you want to ensure that you are sowing and spreading your seed, do not worry because there are easy ways to ejaculate more. Increasing sperm count is one of those straightforward tasks. There are numerous things to do without involving surgery or medicine if you do not want your spouse to collapse from exhaustion before you get there. It is worth noting that low sperm count has been described as a barrier to conception. Low production of testosterone or an infection should be addressed to increase your fertility.

To increase ejaculate the quick way, drink enough fluids because the semen that you release during orgasm is directly related to the amount of fluids you ingest. Semen is normally the fluid which lubricates the way for sperms. Taking the recommended two or three liters of water per day will boost the functioning of your body and increase your ejaculate. Avoid excessive heat by keeping off from hot tubs to maintain your scrotum cool. This explains the reason why testicles are housed instead of inside the body. They need to maintain lower temperatures than 98.6 F, the temperatures at which a normal body controls heat.

Wear loose cotton underwear to maintain the ideal temperatures for sperm and semen. Tight underwear increases temperature in the scrotum leading to a decrease in semen and sperm levels. In addition avoid sitting with legs crossed for long hours as this squashes the scrotum against your warm body and adversely affects semen and sperm levels to a great extent. Doctors have attributed overweight to low sperm count so maintain a healthy weight to boost your sperms and avoid illicit drugs, alcohol and caffeine because they also affect motility as well as sperm count.

Getting enough amounts of Vitamins E and C, selenium, amino acids and zinc which are useful for sperm health is necessary. Talk to a doctor to know the right dose for you to increase your ejaculate. Abstain from orgasm for at least two days because whenever you orgasm, you lose a huge portion of serial soldiers. Eating many fruits and more vegetables is one of the easy ways to ejaculate more because veggies and fruits contain antioxidants which will improve the quality of your sperms. Regular physical exercise and workout plan are beneficial for promoting prostate health as well as reducing premature ejaculation. They are critical in prolonging orgasm duration and increasing ejaculate. If you smoke low sperm count should be a compelling reason to stop smoking. Smoking also increases imperfections in your sperms and you may end up getting children with health problems. With these easy ways to ejaculate more in mind, you are sure of better results!


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